Amol Parashar: You start belonging here the day you land


Mumbai News, 07 Aug 2020 : Ever since the sudden demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s on June 14, there has been a lot of debate on the way the Hindi film industry treats artistes who don’t come from filmy backgrounds and are outsiders. Like many others, actor Amol Parashar, too, was shaken after Sushant’s suicide and he even expressed himself on social media soon after. Talking about it, the actor, who hails from Delhi and is a mechanical engineer, says, “Sushant’s death was shocking and I am certain that everybody who lives alone must have got calls from their parents after the news broke.”

Amol left a high-paying job to come to Mumbai and pursue his passion for acting. Commenting on the insider-outsider debate, he says, “I’m not from Mumbai so I relate to the experiences of people like me. But, if everybody chooses to use the term ‘outsider’ for people like me, it puts undue pressure on us to get ‘inside’ the industry. I believe you start belonging here the day you land; that’s the beauty of it. And, you make it more and more your own with each passing day. Everybody has their own journey. It’s just that when you come from a background which has nothing to do with films, it might take a couple of years more to figure out how things work. And that requires patience and perseverance.”

The actor says that he, too, has had several low phases but the care and affection from his loved ones kept him going. “It is tough, but the brighter side is that such times give you an opportunity to try other things. When I was not excited about the acting offers coming my way, I explored other crafts, like writing,” he says.


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